Psychosocial Initiatives

The nature of the violation during the civil war have contributed to deep and widespread psychosocial trauma across all communities in Liberia. Most communities are stuck in the past and are desperate to find closure. It takes a long process for deeply traumatized societies to heal and recover. While this program does not make full healing a precondition for reconciliation it recognizes that without some measure of psychosocial healing individuals and their communities will find it difficult to move on and to establish civic and social trust critical to societal recovery. In some communities the command structures from the war are seemingly intact and local government structures remain those created out of coercion during the war. In such context, it is difficult for victims to reclaim their voices, confront their perpetrators, and together heal and embrace a new future.

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Program (PREP)

PREP is a trauma healing and psychosocial intervention that focuses on healing trauma from the mass violence of the war, rebuilding broken relationship, mending and transforming those relationships, healing the physical and psychosocial wounds from the civil war, addressing inter-ethnic conflicts exacerbated by the war, and building responsive and accountable local communities’ structures to sustain post conflict reconciliation. The program impacted the lives of 15,000 former fighters and 30,000 community dwellers across Liberia.

NEPI/USAID/LTI Partnership

To enhance stability, promote a smooth transition to peace and democratic governance and support the implementation of the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, USAID/OTI’s Liberian Transition Initiative partnership with NEPI focused on two objectives:

• Supporting human rights and transitional justice initiatives; and

• Promoting community reintegration and reconciliation.

USAID/OTI/LTI supported Youth Education for Life Skills (YES) program, a community-focused reintegration activity with the goal of enhancing peace through non-formal education. It helped youth, one of the largest and most war-affected populations of Liberia, become productive members of their communities.

NEPI Community Youth Peace Education Program (CYPEP), impacted the lives of 600 hard-core youth in Northeaster Liberia (Lofa County) under this partnership.

Social & Economic Reintegration of Child Soldiers

NEPI/MBB Initiative is a psychosocial initiative that rehabilitated 81 child soldiers at Buduburam Refugee Camp in Ghana and reintegrated them in the Liberian community in partnership with Mediators Beyond Borders International (

Community Based Support Services for Peace and Reconciliation Initiatives

NEPI/UNHCR/PBO/PBF-S community-based support service was in response to the Liberian Peace Building Office/United Nations Peace Building Fund Secretariat request to support initiatives for peace consolidation in Liberia, the National ex-combatant Peace Building Initiative – NEPI Inc responded with a plan that addresses a wide range of issues and respond to the needs of diverse beneficiaries, with specific focus on Community peace and reconciliation initiatives.

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